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10 Cheap Eats in Mexico City

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Mexico City not only has amazing food, it has amazing food for cheap. Here we share our picks for some spectacular cheap eats found around the city, especially in the areas of Condesa and Colonia Roma where we live and play.

La Casa de Toño

Reputedly serves the best pozole in the City! I heartily agree, and the price is right too. This always busy chain (locations across the city) often has a line that moves fast due to the efficient service. Give the red chicken pozole a try, it is hearty and rich with a tasty broth filled with hominy, tender chicken breast, and topped with radish, lettuce, cilantro and onion. This is Mexican comfort food at its best!

Calle Bolivar 58 in Centro Histórico

Empanadas (Russian Style – Piroshkies)

One of my favorite street stands to grab a quick snack when I’m on the go! Located at the corner of Monterrey and Álvaro Obregón, they serve up traditional deep fried Russian piroshkies in many flavors ranging from carne molida (ground meat), to chicken and cheese to Nutella. These tasty bites are fluffy and light and at only $12 pesos apiece (or 5 for $50 pesos), they are also cheap.

Corner of Monterrey &  Álvaro Obregón


Esquites is Mexican corn (maize) shaved from the cob and scooped into a cup. This snack is most often found in the late afternoon on street corners everywhere. The cup of corn is salted and doused with lime before it is topped with mayonnaise, cojita cheese and if you want it pica (spicy), chile pepper. A portable snack that rings in at $20 to $25 pesos.

Hamburguesas a la Parrilla

Hit up this super popular stand in Colonia Roma the next time you’re on the lookout for a burger on the go. For 45 pesos you can have a burger grilled in front of you and then topped with cheese and pineapple and you’re on your way. These burgers are very juicy, so they can be messy but yummy! 

Corner of Calle Colima & Morelia


This upscale little comida corrida (with French flare) serves up what I think is the best set lunch deal in Condesa for just $110 pesos. For this price you receive a basket of bread, a bowl of soup, a salad, a main and a dessert, along with an agua del dia (water of the day). The menu rotates daily but we are yet to be disappointed. Everything is consistently fresh, excellent and beautifully presented. 

Av. Tamaulipas 149

La Esquina del Chilaquil

At the corner of Alfonso Reyes and Tamaulipas in Condesa you will find one of the tastiest but unique sandwiches you are likely to have ever tried. This family run stand serves torta del chilaquil on a hollowed out bolillo roll filled with chilaquiles and your choice of salsa verde or salsa rojo with a milanesa (breaded) chicken cutlet. For $35 pesos this hefty delight will have you feeling full well past lunch. The secret is out so there is always a line, but it moves fast. They start serving at 8 AM and are sold out by noon.

Corner of Av. Tamaulipas & Alfonso Reyes

Taquería El Greco

While most well known for their tacos Árabes, what I love most here is their chicken soup. A large serving is just $45 pesos and tastes like what my abuela (grandma) used to make. If I am feeling under the weather a bowl of this chicken soup with its flavorful broth and shredded chicken hits the spot.

Av. Michoacan 54

Steak & Potato Taco

You gotta try the steak and mashed potato taco from the taco stand under the green canopy at the corner of Michoacan and Nuevo Leon. There is always a line but its worth the quick wait for one of the best tacos you will taste anywhere, served on a handmade tortilla.

Corner of Av. Michoacan & Nuevo Leon 

Los Tacos de Panuco

The caramelization of the marinated pork here makes their tacos al pastor one of my favorites in the city. Plus, the staff is friendly and the tacos are always 2 for 1 – $14 pesos for 2!

Río Panuco 54

Torta Chilpancingo

This torta stand located in Roma Sur at the corner of Bajio and Chilpancingo serves up the best milanesa de pollo (breaded chicken cutlet) torta we have found in the city. It is stuffed with avocado, cheese and chiles (optional) before being pressed. It is so good and will leave you full for only $30 pesos. An added bonus is they are super friendly so you always receive a warm welcome.

Corner of Calle Bajio & Chilpancingo

Tostadas de Coyoacan

With a stellar array of tostadas to choose from, this place serves them up fresh and fast, so you cannot go wrong.  My personal favorite is the any seafood tostada (ceviche or shrimp).  It is served with a crispy tortilla topped with an abundance of fresh seafood and avocado, lettuce and an array of salsas, ranging from mild to mind-blowing hot.

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