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8 Cocktails of Mexico City

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Many people who travel to Mexico look forward to trying different Mexican alcoholic beverages. The most popular Mexican drinks sought out in the United States are typically Coronas and tequila. Even our Centro Histórico taco tour features a shot of tequila in the city’s most historic cantina. However, there are many more options that are popular in Mexico City, especially cocktails.

Next time you are in Mexico City, here are eight of the most popular cocktails for any cocktail enthusiast to try.


While the margarita is supposedly a favorite Mexican cocktail, it is more famous in Mexico City as a drink for tourists, instead of locals. For the travelers, many restaurants and bars have worked to perfect the margarita.

Because of the margarita love, it wouldn’t be a well-rounded trip to Mexico without a sampling of at least one of the city’s best margaritas. Depending on your preference, you can try the traditional margarita with a salt-rimmed glass, or you can try one of the endless variations of fruity or frozen margaritas.

Ruso Negro

The Ruso Negro, known to Americans as a black Russian, is a famous cocktail in Mexico City. Made with vodka, Kahlua, and ice cubes, the Ruso negro is a surprising Mexican cocktail to most people because they don’t realize the drink is actually not Russian. Kahlua is the coffee-flavored liqueur that originated in the state of Veracruz, which makes it a Mexican cocktail and not a Russian one.

The next time you are in Mexico City, you can use your new-found knowledge about the black Russian, that is actually Mexican, to sample one of the most popular cocktails of Mexico City.

Ruso Blanco

The Ruso Blanco, or white Russian, is easily a cousin to the Ruso Negro, because of its use of Kahlua as one of the main ingredients. Ruso Blanco’s are also a favorite Mexican cocktail, although most people report that it is an acquired taste.

Ruso Blanco’s mix Kahlua and ice cubes just like Ruso Negro’s, but the ingredient that sets the two apart is that the Ruso Blanco also has milk in it. Whether people prefer evaporated milk or regular milk, the Ruso Negro is a drink to sample while visiting Mexico City.


Many people might turn their nose up at the idea of a beer cocktail; however, if you have never tried one, Mexico City is where you should give it a go. While there are many different beer cocktails, the Michelada is the most popular. It is made with lime juice, clamato, salt, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and beer; all served in a salt and chili rimmed glass.

There are hundreds of different variations on the amount of each ingredient to add so if you find yourself enjoying a beer cocktail, know that each Michelada will taste at least slightly different from other ones.


One of the most popular cocktails of the locals in Mexico City is the Paloma. The word Paloma is Spanish for dove, and also pigeon, and they are significantly favored over the touristy margarita. Paloma’s are made with tequila, grapefruit soda, and lime. It is served cold, in an ice-cold, rim salted glass.

Most people enjoy it right before a meal and find it particularly refreshing on hot days. People are often surprised by the simple ingredients, and then pleasantly surprised by the excellent taste.

Charro Negro

This combination initially sounds like a typical cocktail request from the United States, but it has an extra spin on it that may make some people call it strange. Similarly, like the Paloma, the Charro Negro is a simple cocktail. Charro Negro translates to black cowboy, and the drink is widely a favorite around all of Mexico.

Charro Negro’s are made with tequila and coke, served in an ice-cold glass rimmed with salt and lime juice. The ingredients that make it a little strange is that salt and lime are also added to the drink itself. Some people may be skeptical, but with its popularity, Charro Negro’s are a great cocktail to try in Mexico City.

Curado de Pulque

The Curado de Pulque is a pre-Hispanic beverage that is not allowed to be exported. While the ingredients in this cocktail may sound a little weird, this traditional drink is a favorite in Mexico City.

A curado is essentially a combination of pulque, best described as a viscous and healthy drink made in central Mexico, and various fruit or nut flavorings. The pulque is an alcohol that is made from the fermented sap of the agave plant. A lot of people add sugar or honey to the drink to make it even sweeter. While it may sound peculiar, the Curado de Pulque is a must-try drink when you visit Mexico City.


The Vampiro is most closely associated with Blood Mary’s, even though it is different. A Vampiro is a Mexican take on the Bloody Mary cocktail. It is made with lime juice, sangrita, tequila, and grapefruit soda. Like many other Mexican cocktails, the Vampiro is served in a salt-rimmed glass, with a lot of ice. The drink has a refreshing taste and is another drink to sample while in Mexico City.

Got a favorite cocktail? Let us know!

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