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Eating Vegetarian In Mexico City

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While we do not eat meatless meals as often as we know we should, we respect the lifestyle and make a concerted effort to eat vegetarian food in Mexico City a few times a week, both for the environment and our health. It is easy to enjoy Mexican cuisine in this city eating only vegetarian food. Beans, corn tortillas, spicy salsas, and other vegetables are readily available as almost all fruits and vegetables grow in Mexico somewhere.

In trendy neighborhoods, vegetarian taco stands and restaurants are easily spotted. So put your walking shoes on and spend a day of fun taking in the sights and wandering the many walkable areas of this vast metropolis. This post mainly focuses on Roma and Condesa where we live but we have also included a few standouts from other neighborhoods where you can enjoy vegetarian food in Mexico City.

Colonia Roma

In this neighborhood, you will find some of the city’s best vegetarian options. On our Top Chef Culinary Adventure, we are able to accommodate vegetarian diets at eateries featuring “elevated” Mexican food. Below are a few of our vegetarian favorites.

Por Siempre

This taco stand serves up a broad range of vegan and vegetarian street tacos, which are some of the best in the City. Seriously, even avid meat lovers will be shocked at how legit their tacos taste. This corner stand is a clean, busy and fun place to grab a bite when you’re on the go.

Located at the corner of Manzanillo & Chiapas.

La Pitahaya Vegana

This place has some of the best vegan tacos I have tasted, offering up numerous plant-based tacos with stellar taste. The handmade hibiscus tortillas are pretty in pink and make for a creative and colorful base. The combination of flavors here is on point, with my favorite being the cauliflower and al pastor mushroom with pineapple. These tasty tacos are served up in an architecturally magnificent mansion that was a private residence for over 100 years before being renovated into a center of gastronomy. It is a great place for lunch with alfresco seating.

Located at Orizaba 139 in Casa Quimera. 

Forever Vegano

The stunning Art Nouveau architecture alone makes a visit to Forever worthwhile. This vegan restaurant has great food with a varied menu that ranges from cauliflower tempura tacos (our favorite), to coconut ceviche, to guacamole and veggie nuggets. They also have a wide range of juices and smoothies and all the food here is free of animal products, preservatives and refined sugar. For a unique dining experience check out the upstairs seating!

Located at Guanajuato 54. 

El Pan Comido

This cute café with sidewalk seating is a great place to enjoy a nice breakfast or lunch. Breakfast here is a treat, they offer marvelous coffee to pair with classics like towering french toast topped with caramelized apples, chilaquiles topped with bright egg yolks or fluffy omelets. Non-vegetarians will be swayed by the excellent veggie burger!

Located at their sister restaurant next door called Chomp Chomp you will find luscious, soft velvety cookies like the one pictured below.

Located at Tonalá 91.

Gold Taco

A pioneering vegan restaurant, Gold Taco opened its first location over 17 years ago in the Narvarte neighborhood of Mexico City.  They serve up tasty tacos de pastor, pozole and our favorite – tamales! Check out this new location in the hip Mercado Roma, where you can enjoy your food outdoors at the large communal table in the back.

Located at Querétaro 225.


Tacos Hola

While not strictly vegan or vegetarian, this hole in the wall taquería serves up over 20 types of “guisado” (stewed) style tacos. These large tacos are most popular in the morning, making them a perfect breakfast on the go for less than 20 pesos. Our favorite vegetarian options are the cauliflower taco and the chile relleno.  You can choose to have your taco slathered with beans, rice or guacamole, then add salsa and be on your way.

Located at Amsterdam 135.

Tacos Hola on Avenida Amsterdam in Condesa.Tacos Hola is a  classic hole in the wall taquería.


Ultra-cool vegan spot with a charming outdoor seating area. The varied menu offers a superb chili and artisanal craft beer. Not cheap but the food is delicious and healthy.

Located at Baja California 295. 

Ojo de Agua

This always bustling and shabby, chic space has a very cool vibe. You’ll feel healthy just sitting down here, seated among the fresh produce and fruit. Their excellent juices go really well with the healthy breakfasts and lunches, which range from eggs, salads and sandwiches to smoothies. Unfortunately, the coffee here is not great, the portions are not large and the prices are high but the food quality is very good.

Located at Citlaltépetl 23C.

Granola with fruit and honey and a glass of mandarin juice for breakfast at Ojo de Agua in Condesa.Fruit with honey, granola and fresh squeezed juice.

Beyond Colonia Roma & Condesa

 La Salvación

While not solely catering to vegetarians and vegans, there are many meatless dishes on offer along with organic products like honey and coffee for sale. La Salvación is unique for their daily specials, there are two to choose from each day. The coffee and desserts are also worth trying.

Located at Jose Marti 138 A in Escandón.

 Vege Taco

Amazing vegan and vegetarian tacos can be found at this taco hotspot. Tacos here are made with tortillas that are smaller than the standard size, so you may need up to six of them to fill you up. Take advantage of the special, which includes three well seasoned tacos and a drink with a soup and salad for one price.

While Vege Taco does have an English menu, ordering food presents the perfect opportunity to practice your Español!

Located at Carrillo Puerto 65 in Coyoacán.

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