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Getaway to Tequisquiapan, Querétaro

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Last year we relocated from Canada to run our Mexico City food tour company. Since then we have had the good fortune of becoming friends with several locals and expats alike. On a recent weekend, a local family who are our new amigos invited us to join them for a long weekend getaway to Tequisquiapan, Querétaro at their family hacienda.

We were excited to hit the road and get out of the big city. Tequisquiapan is located three hours north of Mexico City. Upon arriving to the Pueblo Mágico, our group of ten had lunch (comida) at a superb fonda in the charming colonial center that was recommended by our hosts, who adore the house specialty of lengua (tongue). After we leisurely wandered the cobblestone streets to the zócalo (heart of the town) and poked our heads into some cute shops we headed over to a few of the specialty cheese shops that this town is so well known for. Our group purchased an array of delectable cheeses at La Vaca Feliz (The Happy Cow) for that evenings charcuterie. They did not disappoint, the best was the creamy tres leche cheese served along with fresh figs and walnut bread.

We were expecting a farmhouse, so when we arrived at the hacienda we were blown away at what was before us. We were greeted by a sprawling colonial style estate with velvet green acreage and perfectly manicured gardens. For the kids and adults alike there was a trampoline, playground, swimming pool (heated by the hot spring below), and a games room with pool table and ping pong table. Our Casita housed a dream kitchen and fruit trees in it’s private yard.

The next day we took the kids to visit the cows at the self sustaining dairy farm that shared the hacienda’s acreage before making the short drive to yet another magnificent Pueblo Magico called Bernal. It is located at the foot of the amazing Peña de Bernal, the world’s third largest monolith after the Rock of Gibralter and Sugar Loaf in Rio de Janeiro. The town is small but worthy of a visit to see (or climb!) the monolith. After walking the streets we settled in for a long group lunch at our hosts’ friend’s gourmet Mexican Restaurant called Tsayo before heading back to the hacienda for an evening of billiards, mezcal and tequila.

By day three it was time to settle in for some time by the pool during an afternoon barbecue. The star of the day were the two slabs of picanha (sirloin cap) that were cooked to perfection before being enjoyed with fresh arepas (similar to a gordita). Picanha is the most prized cut of beef in Brazil but in Mexico City it is shockingly only available at Costco! It was salted, then seared before being sliced and returned to the grill to be cooked to completion.

Our final day was spent enjoying the pool and an afternoon feast of barbacoa (lamb) tacos. When the late afternoon thunderstorm arrived it was time to leave for home. We had an amazing time and feel so fortunate and blessed to have been included in this adventure.

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