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Mexico City Nightlife In Condesa

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Mexico City is bursting with fun at all times of the day, but especially at night, so look out! The city is overflowing with venues serving up music and libations into the wee hours. Regardless of which area you are staying in, there will be somewhere memorable to go at night, but this post will focus on Mexico City nightlife in Condesa.

By day a trendy neighborhood with leafy, treed streets and Art Deco architectural gems along Avenida Amsterdam and around Parque México, Condesa is also a nocturnal wonderland. Avenida Tamaulipas in particular, is lined with bars (many of them offering drink specials), lounges, restaurants and vendors selling street food snacks. You can hop from one venue to the next as you make your way down the street looking for the best party atmosphere to suit whatever it is you’re looking for. If you are looking for great craft beer and mezcal tastings, Condesa has them too!

These are my personal favorites in Condesa and I am confident a few of them will become yours too:

El Grifo

El Grifo opens in the early afternoon and has outdoor seating with a fantastic selection of Mexican craft beer and small batch mezcals. As a bonus, between taco tastings participants on our Condesa taco tour get to enjoy their choice of either a mezcal or Mexican craft beer at El Grifo. A nice touch here is the shelf of mezcal bottles with a picture of the small batch producer who made it beside each bottle. The service is friendly and prompt so ask the knowledgeable staff to help you choose the mezcal or craft beer that’s right for your palate. (Juan Escutia 24)

Sunday – Tuesday 1- 9 PM
Wednesday – Saturday 12 – 12:30 AM

El Trappist

This small, low key establishment serves up a fantastic selection of Mexican craft beer and plays great music, making it the perfect spot to start your night (they do not open until 5 PM). You can choose from bottled selections in the cooler or from their own brews on tap. The friendly staff are happy to offer recommendations and the food here is also good. (Alvaro Obregon 298)

Monday – Saturday 5 – 2 AM

La Clandestina

Located right next door to El Trappist, La Clandestina offers a nice selection of small batch mezcal served with orange slices and sal de gusano (worm salt). The friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you choose a mezcal to match your taste or let you try a sample before committing to a full pour. La Clandestina opens at 5 PM and the atmosphere is laid back and not too loud, making it a great destination to chat with friends while sipping mezcal and tasting some of their delicious food – their excellent tlayudas are highly recommended! (Alvaro Obregon 298)

Monday – Saturday 6 – 2 AM

Hotel Condesa DF  

A beautiful rooftop lounge, with a chilled out vibe set atop Condesa’s most historic hotel. The tranquil Parque España across the street looks like a tropical jungle when looking down at its leafy green canopy from above. This is a great place to hit for a relaxing drink in the late afternoon after completing our aforementioned taco tour. The cocktails here are neither cheap nor particularly good but the atmosphere more than makes up for this. Stick to the wine and beer options and pair them with a few of the Asian tapas items on their menu. (Av Veracruz 102)

Sunday – Wednesday 2 – 11 PM
Thursday – Saturday 2 – 1 AM

Wallace Whiskey Bar

This place offers a great selection of whiskey and cocktails in a fun, lively atmosphere with a good mix of foreigners and locals. It is located in an old mansion and covers two floors with outdoor seating. A great place to start your night – or spend your night. (Av Tamaulipas 45)

Daily 5 – 2 AM

Don Quentin

Located at a new location down the street from Wallace Whiskey Bar, this place has live music from Thursday to Saturday. They play all the current dance hits, plus some old favorites. The super fun atmosphere makes this a place to go crazy on the dance floor, listen to the band, or just drink. The last few times I was there, there was not an expat in the place – other than myself of course… (Tamaulipas 63)

Thursday – Saturday 8 – 2:30 AM

Pata Negra

Pata Negra usually has a line, and is usually packed. It is well known for playing great music and attracts a large crowd of expats as well as locals. The strong drinks and music make for a lively and fun atmosphere through the night right up until closing time, so put on your dancing shoes and check it out! (Tamaulipas 30)

Daily 1:30 – 2 AM

These recommendations represent a fraction of the venues available for your discovery in the Condesa neighborhood. If you have more than a few days, you are bound to discover your own favorites, so cheers to fun times exploring Condesa’s nightlife!

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