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Mexico City’s Best Taquerías In Roma & Condesa

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The Mexico City colonia’s of Roma and Condesa are foodie havens with overwhelming food choices. There are countless fondas (small eateries), restaurants, street food stalls and taquerías to try, offering all types of delicious Mexican cuisine. My foodie nose is always leading me to yummy treats, but tacos are my favorite. Mexico City is one of the best places to eat authentic Mexican street tacos because here you will find regional specialty tacos from across Mexico. Recently, we were fortunate to have Shaun from join us on our Taste of Condesa and then document the experience on his excellent blog, which you can read here. If you want to try several types of tacos from the city’s best taquerías in the same day a great idea is to take one of our Mexico City food tours.

Tacos taste delicious and make for a quick meal, a snack or just a tasty bite! I have compiled a list of some of the best taquerías in Colonia Roma and Condesa so you know where to go for heavenly tacos.

Tacos Hola

One of my most frequent and most favorite stops in Condesa. You want to be here in the morning or early afternoon, they just don’t taste the same later in the day. My favorite is the picadillo hash (ground beef ) taco with rice and guacamole. Vegetarian and vegan options are available here too, there is a very good cauliflower taco and the chile relleno (poblano chile stuffed with cheese, battered, then fried) is fantastic!

These tacos are guisado style, meaning they are stewed in advance, then left in clay pots (cazuelas) that help retain heat. The preparation of the fillings in advance makes guisado tacos the “fast food” of the taco world, select your tortilla filling and you’re on your way. You will be asked if you want rice, beans or cheese added and if you are early, guacamole. There are green and red salsas and I like to douse mine in both.

The menu is posted on the wall with pictures and wording in both Spanish and English. There is a sidewalk table and chairs but these quick, stand and eat tacos – yum!

(Avenida Amsterdam 135 in Condesa)

Tacos Gus  

These are also guisado style (stewed) tacos but what sets them apart is their organic and low fat offerings and fifty percent of the menu is for vegetarians and the other fifty percent is for carnivores. The ingredients are sourced from local farms and the stewed fillings are 100% homemade. It’s a cool place, with nice bar style tables if you want to eat in, or you can grab and go. The taco de bistec (flank steak) is recommended – chunks of steak stewed with mushrooms and onion – very tasty! I also really enjoy their salsas, they are a good consistency (not too runny) and pack a good punch. As a bonus, the staff are very friendly too! Enjoy.

(Calle Ometusco 56 in Condesa)

El Tizoncito

You will likely see this taco restaurant all around the city. I have lost count of how many there are now. Our street alone has two a couple blocks from each other. While they did not invent the taco al pastor they are believed to be the first to add pineapple to it in the mid 1960s. You simply cannot leave Mexico City without having one. The pork is marinated in a combination of dried chilies, spices and achiote paste and then cooked over a gas flame on a vertical rotisserie (trompo) with fresh pineapple at the top and onion(s) at the bottom. Once the meat is caramelized it is thinly carved off the spit with a large knife by the taquero. It is served on two small tortillas, with finely chopped onion, cilantro, and a slice of pineapple nicked off the top. They taste fantastic as is or topped with El Tizoncito’s excellent selection of salsas!

This is a place to eat in, the staff will take your order and serve your tacos. Tradition is to start with three tacos but I can usually manage 5! A nice touch here is the tortilla chips (totopos) and tiered tray of salsas & dips brought to each table when seated. Try the bean dip!

(Tamaulipas 122 in Condesa)

El Califa

Another place known for its tacos al pastor.  This bustling restaurant is a nice place to eat tacos with modern decor and TVs. Their al pastors are almost as good as El Tizoncito, but they lack the great selection of salsas and I find the service a little chaotic. Orders are often mixed up. Try the al pastor or the pollo (chicken) al pastor for a change.

(Altata 22 in Condesa)

Tacos Don Juan

This place is a terrific choice if you want a quick bite while on the go. It is a small space and always busy so you will likely have to eat your tacos on the sidewalk. There is a broad selection of tacos available and the selection varies by the day of the week. My recommendation is to be here on a Friday for their heavenly carnitas tacos but the arrachera taco with cheese is also fantastic, as are their salsas.

(Juan Escutia 35 in Condesa)

El Pescadito 

This place is a must, the food is delicious and the staff friendly and helpful. Your taco options are marlin, fried shrimp, fried fish or chile relleno. I recommend the unique combination of fried shrimp and chile relleno. The portions are huge, one taco and I am stuffed. This taqueria is unique for its huge selection of fresh toppings at their taco bar. After adding the vegetable toppings and salsas your taco will be even more huge! This very busy place also has tables for you to sit and relax with a cold one while enjoying your tacos.

(Calle Atlixco 38 in Condesa)

Taquería Miranda Cruz 

The fantastic, crispy french fries and fresh guacamole toppings make this friendly taco stand unique. My favorite combination is the bistek (flank steak) topped with guacamole, onion, salsa and, of course, lots of french fries. Give this place a try, you will not leave disappointed!

(corner of Manzanillo and Calle Chiapas in Colonia Roma)

Pictured is a bistek taco stuffed with fries and salsa.A bistek taco from Taquería Miranda Cruz loaded with guacamole, onion and fries.

These recommended taquerías are places I frequent so I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do. It’s time for me to go eat some tacos!

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