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Our 11 Favorite Cafés in Mexico City

A frothy cappuccino from Cucurucho Cafe in Colonia Roma.

I LOVE COFFEE! My day does not start until I have had my morning jolt of caffeine. I like my coffee strong and black, but on occasion, the craving for a cappuccino, macchiato or fancy coffee drink kicks in. Along with my morning cup, a great atmosphere, strong WiFi and friendly staff are a must. Many hours are spent in coffee shops when formulating ideas for our next Mexico City Food Tour experience, so I have compiled a list of my favorite cafés in the Mexico City neighborhoods I frequent. Start your day with a great cup too!

Blend Station

Beautiful space with natural light filtering down through the glass ceiling and friendly, attentive staff. The Condesa location opened in early 2017 and has strong WiFi and a trendy work space with lots of plugs to keep your electronics charged. Blend Station attracts a crowd of regulars who settle in for serious work sessions in the relaxing environment. Food here is great value and delicious – try the English muffin breakfast sandwich! The Mexican coffee blends are roasted in-house, and there are many types to choose from. A flavored water station is a nice touch to keep your thirst quenched. A second location is now open in Roma Norte. (Condesa, Tamaulipas 60 and Roma Norte, Puebla 237)

Boicot Café

Boicot is especially well known for its cold brew coffee but all of their coffees are exceptional. Like the coffee, the WiFi is strong, and the staff friendly, making this a great place to chill whether you’re people watching on the sidewalk, surfing the net or getting some work done. If you have already had your caffeine fix for the day they have a selection of delicious freshly made juices, as well as horchata drinks (made from rice milk). I have heard good things about the food but personally I have only tried a pastry, which was terrific. (Colonia Roma, Jalapa 99)

Volador Café

A small café with an ideal corner location and outdoor seating facing the tranquil Avenida Amsterdam. A nice place to sit and enjoy the fantastic coffee while visiting with friends, people watching or working. The staff is friendly and they make a great crepe. The Wifi is adequate but not great. (Condesa, Michoacan 43)

Quentin Café

Small cafe serving excellent, well balanced coffee with low acidity. They also sell their beans so you can brew your own at home. Try a carajillo if you’re in need of a caffeinated afternoon cool down. (Álvaro Obregón 64)

Chiquitito Café

Small, bustling café with friendly staff offering great service. The coffee is exceptional and the food is good too, try the smoked salmon bagel. There are not a lot of tables but the ones at the back provide a decent area to work and adequate WiFi in a quiet environment. (Reforma, Rio Lerma 179)

Cucurucho Café

This place has very good coffee made from Mexican beans and the baked goods are tremendous, the carrot cake is among the best I’ve tasted (I’m a carrot cake connoisseur). Cucurucho is more of a place to enjoy your coffee while socializing with friends than set up with a laptop. There is outdoor seating on a reasonably quiet street. (Colonia Roma, Tonalá 183)

Rococó Café 

This place is a hidden gem located across from Condesa’s beautiful Parque España. It offers friendly service with ample outdoor seating on a quiet street with superb specialty coffees, the caramel macchiato here is fantastic but make it a double for best results! The coffee at Rococó Café is sourced from Mexican artisinal producers and pairs nicely with one of their delicious pastries. If you choose to sit indoors you will find it is uniquely furnished and decorated with inspiring artwork. The WiFi is adequate. (Condesa, Juan de la Barrera 4)

Dosis Café

Hipster café serving excellent 3rd wave coffee and extremely fast WiFi. The industrial decor offers comfortable seating with wide, solid wood tabletops providing plenty of space for working. The staff is friendly and the music great, sadly all that is missing are plugs to recharge your electronics. They do, however, serve mezcal and cervezas so charge up your electronic devices beforehand and go checkout Dosis Café. (Colonia Roma, Álvaro Obregón 24B)


Salve has a great new concept where they have stations inside their beautiful space. Go to the coffee station for your caffeine fix and to learn a bit about the excellent coffee of Mexico before making your way to the pastry bar with unique made in house specialties like the sea-salt caramel concha (Yum!!). Their is also a sandwich bar with many tasty options. Service is friendly and relaxed. (Colonia Juárez, Calle de Niza 15)

Tierra Garat  

Everything about Tierra Garat is representative of Mexico. From the earth toned decor featuring materials and textures like stone tiles and leather to the coffee beans and cacao sourced from small producers in Mexico. The ambiance is tranquil and the WiFi strong, making it a great choice to settle in for an afternoon of work. The drinks on offer are sublime and served in biodegradable cups, I recommend trying one of their drinks with coffee, cacao and cinnamon. (Colonia Roma, Jalapa 99/Condesa Amsterdam 218/Reforma, Reforma 231)

La Selva Café  

This old school hidden gem is located one block from Parque México. The service is quick and friendly, you can either take your coffee to go or sit on the quiet corner street location and enjoy breakfast. (Condesa, Iztaccihuatl 36)

So whether you’ve just enjoyed one of our food tours in Mexico City and are fighting off a food coma or you’re looking to enjoy a delicious cappuccino with friends, this city is abound with countless java options. Enjoy!

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