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Our List of 20 Mexico City Fun Facts

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Mexico City is a bustling metropolis filled with exciting sightseeing attractions and things to do, which make it an incredible travel destination for visitors of all ages. The city is home to world class museums, fantastic food options, great shopping, beautiful parks and plazas, colonial neighborhoods and unparalleled nightlife. All that aside, here are 19 Mexico City fun facts a visitor may not know:

  1. Mexico City is called CDMX and is only referred to as “Mexico City” by tourists.
  2. The city is built on what was Lake Texcoco and has sunk over 9 meters in the past 100 years and continues to sink.
  3. The Zócalo (Plaza de la Constitucìon) is the world’s 3rd largest square (Red Square & Tiananmen Square are larger).
  4. The Zócalo is situated at the exact center of what was the Aztec Empire.
  5. The Zócalo is turned into one of the world’s largest skating rinks every winter, accommodating up to 1500 skaters.
  6. Many of the city’s centuries old mansions were built from stones of Aztec Temples destroyed by the Spaniards.
  7. Mexico City’s metro is the largest in Latin America and one of the cheapest in the world.
  8. Mexico City is the world’s 8th richest city and the richest in Latin America.
  9. It is the world’s largest Spanish speaking city.
  10. Has over 160 museums, the most of any city in the world with most of them free on Sundays.
  11. Museo Soumaya was financed by Carlos Slim and houses his personal art collection that can be seen with free admission.
  12. Home to over 100 art galleries and concert halls.
  13. The most IMAX theatres of any city in the world.
  14. World’s 4th highest number of theatres in the world (NY, London, Toronto).
  15. Mexico City’s 6 Flags Amusement Park is the largest in Latin America.
  16. Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City is the oldest and largest university in the Americas, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  17. Avenida de los Insurgentes is the longest avenue in Mexico City at 29  kilometers.
  18. Mexico City’s Benito Juárez International is Latin America’s largest and busiest airport.
  19. Mexico City has the highest number of US citizens living outside the US at over 600,000.
  20. Plaza Rio de Janeiro’s David statue is one of only two in the world of the same scale as the original.
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