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Top 10 Foods to Try in Mexico City

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There is no better way to start 2018 than with our curated list of Mexico City’s top 10 foods (and drink) to try. This list will ensure your stay in Mexico City is a yummy one, so walk, or even run to the following places to start the year with a bang.

Tostadas de Atun (Tuna Tostadas) at Contramar

Some say these are the best tuna tostadas in the world! While I think that claim may be a bit over the top, they are fabulous with a freshness that guarantees you will never leave disappointed. A handmade tortilla is topped with ultra fresh, thinly sliced marinated sashimi grade tuna topped with a slice of bright green avocado, serrano chiles and crispy leeks. This well-renowned restaurant was opened by acclaimed chef Gabriela Cámara almost 20 years ago and serves only seafood that was sustainably caught. Contramar is only open during the afternoon for lunch and being an institution in this city, its a place to see and be seen.

Tuna tostada at Contramar topped with tuna, crispy leeks and avocado.Tuna tostada at Contramar.

French Toast at Lalo

This fun, colorful restaurant serves up what we think is the best French toast in the city, making it a great breakfast spot. Here, it is of a perfect consistency, thickly cut but light and fluffy and never too sweet – topping it are the freshest of berries. Considered one of the top chefs in the city, Eduardo García opened this relaxed café that is unique for its long communal table. Breakfast is served from 8 AM to 12 PM but you will find the decadent French toast listed on the menu all day under desserts.

Tacos al Pastor at El Tizoncito

A visit to Mexico City is never complete without a stop at this popular taquería. Though they are not the inventors of the taco al pastor as claimed, they were the first taquería to serve them with pineapple, lending the taco al pastor its sweet and sour essence. They are small and delectable so start with three of them for a quick snack or make it a taco feast! The taco al pastor is a Lebanese influenced pork taco. Every taquería has a proprietary marinade for the pork consisting of their own mix chiles, spices, herbs and achiote paste, which gives the pork its orange coloring. It is roasted on an upright spit called a trompo with a pineapple chunk at the top and skewered onions at the bottom.

Taco al pastor from El Tizoncito.Tacos al pastor at El Tizoncito in Condesa.


Pozole at La Casa De Toño

Touted by many as having the best pozole in Mexico City, La Casa de Toño is so busy they often have lineups but they are fast moving due to the fast, efficient service. Our favorite is the red chicken pozole, it is hearty and rich but not too filling. The broth is so delicious, filled with hominy and tender chicken breast, with fresh and crisp toppings of radish, lettuce, cilantro and onion. The taste sensation is light, crispy, spicy and chewy – this is Mexican comfort food at its best! Note, the chico size is quite large and the prices are great!

Tamarind Margacheve at Chuchito Perez

This is an amazingly sweet and tart twist on the classic margarita and for me it is the best one in the city. A chilled delight full of tamarind paste (made from fruit taken from the tamarindus tree) and tequila but what takes it to the next level is the coronita (small Corona), turned upside down, which diffuses into the drink slowly as you sip, taking the edge off the sweetness and keeping it the perfect consistency. We always bring out of town guests to try one and they always love it!

Rol de Guayaba at Panadería Rosetta

Easily the best bakery in the city, Panadería Rosetta was opened by the ever popular, award-winning Elena Reygadas of Rosetta restaurant fame. What you must try during your time in Mexico City is the absolutely amazing rol de guayaba (guava) pastry which guests on our Colonia Roma Foodie Tour are treated to and always love. The center of the pastry is filled with a sweet and savory middle of ricotta cheese and guayaba. Trust us, it hits on all the right foodie notes!

Enjoying a delectable pastry from Panadería Rosetta.Pastry happiness on our Colonia Roma Foodie Tour.


Corn has always been the heart and soul of Mexican cusine and now it is being touted as a new trendy food for parties, fairs and restaurants in 2018. Not only does it look really interesting to eat, the taste is also unique. It is sweet, salty, crunchy and chewy. Grilled or steamed corn (maize) on the cob is salted, doused with lime and rolled in mayonnaise, then topped with cotija cheese and powdered chile. To make it portable it is stuck on a stick. Our four year-old never says no to this street food treat. With esquites the corn has been husked and is then served in a cup with a mixture of the above ingredients.

Elote street food snack with lime juice but no chile powder.The chile powder option isn’t for everyone.

Bendita Paleta

Not only are these the prettiest paletas (ice cream popsicles) you will have ever seen, they taste superb. Paletas are a great tradition in Mexico and the ones on offer here are made with the highest quality ingredients, which includes fresh fruit. Located in the uber trendy Mercado Roma, one of these is a great way to cool down after a hot afternoon of exploration.

Hamburguesas a la Parrilla

If you are craving a simple but delicious burger in Mexico City, you must hit up this ever popular stand at the corner of Calle Colima and Calle Morelia in Colonia Roma. Not only is the price right (cheap), the burger is juicy and flame grilled in front of you. Try it with the piña (pineapple) option with cheese for the full effect. It is messy but all yum!

El Auténtico Pato Manila

This hole in the wall offers up duck tacos two ways; tacos kim – a thin flour tortilla filled with peking duck topped with scallions and cucumber, and tacos manila – a corn tortilla filled with shredded confit, beans and epazote (a pungent herb). Top the tacos with salsa and wash down with a cold beer.

Tacos Kim at El Auténtico Pato Manila.Tacos at El Auténtico Pato Manila.

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