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Beat The Heat In Mexico City With Ice Cream

With temperatures in Mexico City heating up, its time to cool off with something icy, creamy and dreamy, you got it – ICE CREAM! After running a food tour in the midday heat we are always ready to beat the heat in Mexico City with ice cream, especially if our 3 year-old is in tow – he would follow an ice cream diet if allowed!

In Mexico City you do not have to walk more than a block or two before seeing an ice cream or a paleta  (Mexican popsicle) on offer. There are ice cream carts and street stands around the parks and street corners, ringing their bells to draw the kids to their selection of frozen treats.

We have put together our list of top places to grab a cup or cone to cool off!

Helado Obscuro

This place is ice cream at its best but more suited for adults. They have unique flavors of ice cream infused with alcohol, most flavors are fruit based and my personal favorite is tangerine and tequila. The quality and texture is amazing, its very smooth and you can taste the tequila. If you are a fan of ice cream and spirits, then this your place – it makes for a refreshing change from the ordinary. They do have some non- alcohol infused flavors as well if you want to bring the little ones. (Orizaba 203, Colonia Roma)

Cold Beat Helados

A small family run store where they make hand made ice cream and sorbet using organic ingredients. This place is featured on our Mexico City food tour in Colonia Roma and is also known for creating unique ice cream flavors for chefs around the city to serve in their restaurants. All the flavors I’ve tried have been excellent but my favorite flavor here is ginger, the flavor is strong so if you don’t love ginger go for a tropical fruit or berry flavor instead and you will be very happy! (Guanajuato 114 B, Colonia Roma)

Stracciatella Milano

True Italian gelato made using all natural ingredients with no preservatives. They have over 25 yummy flavors making this place my favorite, try the lemon or stracciatella (chocolate chunk) flavors. If you are also in the need of a caffeine fix, their coffee is excellent too. (Calle de Chiapas 184, Colonia Roma)


The unique flavors here were created by chef Juan Carlos Gruber. Some of the alternative flavors they offer are tiramisu and lemon pie, among others. They also serve ice cream infused with spirits including ice cream in Hendricks gin and a whiskey with Nutella ice cream. (Avenida México 190, Condesa)

Neveria Roxy

This is a really popular local chain with four locations around the city and a 70 plus year following. It is named after the old Roxy cinema in Guadalajara where the ice cream was originally sold to movie goers. The first Mexico City location of Neveria Roxy opened in Condesa in 1946. The original ice cream recipes and artesanal methods are still used – hand made from scratch using cream, sugar and milk as the base. Personally, I find the ice-cream here is not as smooth and creamy as I like it to be. It is more like a sorbet, so less heavy and more refreshing. They have lots of unique flavors to choose from but the fruit flavors really shine. (Avenida Fernando Montes de Oca 89, Condesa & Avenida Tamaulipas 81, Condesa)

La Bella Italia

A nostalgic ice cream parlor with vintage decor, its been around for decades. The Italian style ice cream is fantastic and they also serve traditional combinations like the banana split or a sundae with a cherry on top. There are over 30 flavors, including some non-dairy options. (Calle Orizaba 110, Colonia Roma)

Heladeria Nomada

The goal of the young entrepreneurs who started Heladeria Nomada is to make the best ice cream in Mexico by creating original flavors they are inspired by. Wherever possible organic products are used and all the ingredients are Mexican, sourced from various regions around the country. They have at least 12 flavors, many of them unique, such as tuna flavor. I love the mango flavor best, its creamy and delicious. The staff are also very friendly while providing wonderful service. The last time we were there our son was dropped his ice cream on the sidewalk and next thing we knew the server was bringing him a new one! (297 Amsterdam, Condesa)

Amor Casero

This place is a gem, and the ice cream is everything it should be, glossy and creamy with the right texture and just the right amount of sweetness. It is my husband’s favorite and it may be yours too. They have 20 flavors of hand made ice cream made from seasonal fruits and natural ingredients. An added bonus is the large scoop size! (Querétaro 90, Colonia Roma or Vicente Suárez 26, Condesa)


This fabulous newcomer to the Condesa ice cream scene is owned by the neighboring Maque panadería/restaurant/espresso bar. The ice cream served here is hard and creamy, without scrimping on the good stuff. My chocolate chip mint was loaded with chocolate, as was my son’s chocolate chunk. We like the ice cream here so much we have recently added it to our Condesa taco tour route. This is our new go to place for ice cream, so we recommend you give it a try and it may become yours too! (Av. Ozuluama No.4, Condesa)
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