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7 Things To Do In Mexico City

Take A Tasty Bites Food Tour

One of the best ways to maximize your time in one of the world’s biggest cities famous for its food scene is to take a guided food tour in Mexico City. Taking a gastronomy tour in Mexico City will ensure you don’t get stuck eating at tourist traps. During our 3 hours together, you will taste some of the world’s best cuisine, including some of Mexico’s most iconic dishes at off-the-beaten-path locations. Between tastings, you will experience the bohemian neighborhoods of Colonia Roma or Condesa, or the dynamic Centro Histórico (depending which tour you choose). Your guide will lend a local’s perspective as you explore Mexico City’s historical, architectural and cultural gems.

Centro Histórico & Zócalo

Walking Mexico City’s Centro Histórico is an amazing way to spend the day sightseeing! The central tourist attraction is the zócalo, which is the largest in Latin America. The area covers over 9 square km and over 668 blocks so put on your comfy shoes before you start exploring. There are approximately 1,550 buildings constructed between the 16th and 20th centuries that have been declared of historical importance. The area is divided into two zones for preservation purposes. Zone A represents the pre-Hispanic city and its expansion from the Viceroy period until Independence. Zone B covers all other constructions to the end of the 19th century that are considered necessary to the preservation of the area’s architectural and cultural heritage. The Centro Histórico contains most of the city’s historic sites as well as many museums. This has made it a World Heritage Site and a must see!

Chapultepec Castle

Located on top of a hill in the middle of Chapultepec Park, the castle offers an amazing city view down Paseo de la Reforma – on a clear day it is spectacular! It is the only royal castle in North America that was an actual residence of a sovereign. You can spend an afternoon walking the castle and beautiful gardens. Exhibits are on display in some of the gorgeously decorated rooms. It is a beautiful place for taking pictures with an unparalleled backdrop. There is a long uphill walk to get to the castle, unless you take the shuttle with purchase of a ticket. Other things to do in Chapultepec Park include the not to be missed National Museum of Anthropology and the Tamayo Contemporary Art Museum.


One of the oldest neighborhoods in Mexico City, it has its own historic center. This region of the city has kept much of its original layout, with plazas and narrow cobblestone streets and well-preserved architectural structures from the 16th to 20th centuries. A recommended area to visit on weekends, when it comes alive with music, entertainment and vendors. Stop to enjoy a long lunch or an afternoon drink on the square to people watch. The artisan market is an interesting place to browse for souvenirs among a vast selection. This is also home to the wildly popular Frida Kahlo Museum. Buy your tickets here in advance to avoid the long lineups.  A recommended itinerary is to visit the museum in the morning and then spend the afternoon having lunch and sightseeing in Coyoacán’s historic center.

Paseo de la Reforma

Modeled after the Champs-Élysées during the Porfirian era, this gorgeous tree-lined street has some of the city’s tallest and most architecturally stunning buildings. on Sundays, it is closed to car traffic from 7 AM until 2 PM and is filled with people and families walking, biking and jogging. Bikes rentals are available if you want to go for a ride. The Paseo de la Reforma section is part of a larger loop that is closed to traffic and passes through many parts of CDMX. There are free zumba/aerobic classes with people of all ages and fitness levels participating. Fun stations are set up for kids or the “kid-in-you” to try, with activities such as hula hoops! This is a great way to spend a day with the family and get some exercise – so put on your sneakers and head to Reforma if you’re in town next Sunday!


One of Mexico City’s 16 neighborhoods known for its colorful trajinera (gondola) filled canals. Located at the southern edge of CDMX, only an hour by metro and rail from the Zócalo, Xochimilco is a fun weekend attraction. These green canals, along with man made islands called chinampas, attract tourists and locals alike who are drawn to the beauty while enjoying festive rides on the gondolas over the hundreds of miles of canals. On the banks lined with bushes, orchards, trees and flowers, you will spot small homes, children running and laughing and women hanging laundry. There are musicians and vendors selling food and drinks from their boats that pull up alongside to offer food, drink and song. Experience a weekend picnic with a festive atmosphere, or enjoy the peaceful tranquility of the weekdays.


An ancient Mesoamerican city located an hour’s drive from Mexico City, its biggest attraction are the pyramids. While sightseeing you will see the Avenue of the Dead (the city’s main street), which contains 3 major pyramid complexes, including the Pyramid of the Moon, the Pyramid of the Sun and the Temple of the Feathered Serpent. Climbing to the top will reward you with an amazing view. Be sure to bring your sun hat, lots of water and comfortable shoes for exploring!

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