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Día de los Muertos in Xochimilco

Duration: 7 Hours

Location: Xochimilco


Ages 18+

To book call +52 55 3556 8797 or email ninelth9@gmail.com

This tour requires a minimum of 2 people.

Ages 18+ only.

Tickets are 100% non-refundable without purchase of Ticket Guardian insurance at checkout.

Enjoy this extraordinary experience connecting with the underworld in the traditional style of ancient Mexico while tasting food and drinks.

  • Experience this most important Mexican tradition in an authentic and unique way.
  • Enjoy delicious pre-hispanic foods made from organic ingredients grown on the chinampas (man made islands).
  • Admire the unique landscapes of the canals of Xochimilco.
  • Give a ritual offer to your family, and the sacred spirits of the land.
  • Learn about and gain an appreciation for Mexico's most pure and artisanal spirit - mezcal.
  • Visit a cemetery to observe families celebrating the lives of loved ones who have come back for Day of the Dead.
  • Experience the cultural traditions of this special time of year as Mexicans do, with respect, magic and love!

This tour requires a booking minimum of 2 people.

Nov 1 only. Meeting time is 3 PM. You will board the trajinera at 5 PM and return at 10 PM.

The combined food tastings provide enough for the equivalent of a Mexican meal.

Bring a coat, camera, insect repellent, a photo of loved ones who have passed and a veladora.

Sales are 100% non-refundable unless Ticket Guardian cancellation insurance is purchased.

On this culturally rich experience you will go to one of the most spiritual, ancient and beautiful places in Mexico City – the canals of Xochimilco. Here you will learn about the history and mysticism of Día de los Muertos aboard a trajinera before enjoying delicious local foods made from organic ingredients
grown on the chinampas, in the same way the ancient Aztecs did.

On the chinampa you will make a traditional offer to thank Mother Earth for the harvest of the year and to honor the spirits of the land. After that you will return to the trajinera for a mezcal tasting. You will learn how to savor and appreciate mezcal in the traditional way.

Your experience will end with a visit to the cemetery in Xochimilco to observe how Mexican people have traditionally honored their deceased loved ones since long before Aztec times.

After that you will return to the meeting point in the Condesa neighborhood.

Your group will be met by your guide at 3 PM on November 1st at Tenabari Pizza located at Calle Juan Escutia 117 (Calle Juan Escutia 117, Colonia Condesa, 06140 Ciudad de México, CDMX). Uber is the best option for getting to the meeting point.

You will arrive in Xochimilco at 5 PM and board the trajinera. After 3 hours on the canals and chinampas (man made islands) of Xochimilco, you will spend an hour at a cemetary before returning to the Condesa neighborhood at 10 PM.

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